Sunday, October 20, 2013

ChemDry Carpet Stain Exstinguisher-Carbonated Spot Remover

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You all know I live a very busy on the go lifestyle. With that being said, it's safe to say my house is lived in. My couches are stained, my stairs look horrendous. My house is a high traffic area. It's hard to keep my carpets clean, especially during the school year with all the sports and art projects, leaf projects, now we have a rock project.   ChemDry helps me with that.

I used the ChemDry Carpet Stain Exstinguisher-Carbonated Spot remover on my carpet and upholstery. I am totally amazed. ChemDry's carbonated, professional strength  formula to safely release and lift stains. It contains no harsh solvents or bleaches, it is green-certified and is safe and non-toxic for kids and pets. That's a plus for most of us. It also doesn't leave behind any dirt-attracting residue like other carpet cleaners do. You simply spray it on, wait 30 seconds for solution to penetrate and lift dirt to the surface and then gently blot up the spot. It doesn't get any easier than that.

I loved this product and liked it even more knowing it's green certified. Any product that can get my stairs and upholstery clean gets an A in my book. I will definitely recommend ChemDry Carpet Stain Extinguisher to all my friends with stubborn stains or pets.

 Here are some of the most standard school-related carpet and upholstery stain-prompters and some solutions from ChemDry:

 ·       Crayons. Vacuum all crayon particles out of the area. Remaining small crayon bits that have adhered to carpet fibers can be removed by placing a brown paper grocery bag over the area and applying a heated iron to the bag for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat as needed.

 ·      Watercolors. Using a paper towel, blot the stain with warm water, pressing gently to draw up as much paint as possible. Next, mix 1/8 cup of ammonia with one cup of cold water in a spray bottle and spray the solution over the stain, letting it sit for two to three minutes. Blot up more of the watercolor stain with fresh paper towels. Then, mix one tablespoon of dish soap with two cups of water in a spray bottle and spray the stain. Blot the final traces of the paint with fresh paper towels. Finally, rinse the soap out of the carpet with tap water and dry the area with a white towel.

 ·      Mud. Don’t be too quick to scrub the stain. Instead, allow the mud to dry and then vacuum the area. Next, mix 1/4 teaspoon of a translucent liquid dishwashing detergent with two cups of water and use a white cloth to gently dab the spot repeatedly until the stain is gone. 

 ·         Juice Box. Mix one tablespoon of liquid hand washing detergent with two cups of warm water. Using a sponge, blot the juice stain to remove as much of the liquid as possible, then spray the area with lukewarm water and blot the stain again by applying pressure. If the stain persists, mix one tablespoon of ammonia with two cups of warm water and sponge the solution into the carpet, blotting the area until the juice stain disappears. Follow by sponging with cool water, then blot dry. 

 What are your tips for getting stains out?

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