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Skye Blue Mytical Adventure Series For Those Hard To Buy For Tweens

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The first two books in Susan Martinez's Skye Blue Mystical Adventure Series would be wonderful books to add to a tween or teen girl's library (the books states for ages 10 and up). I just finished reading through them and they are absolutely adorable and I could totally see my nieces reading them and loving them, they are mystical and magical!
The first book, Skye Blue & the Fairies (, Inc., 2008) introduces us to Skye Blue, who is 11 at the time and definitely needs a bit of attitude adjustment. Here is the synopsis from the back cover of the book:

When you're eleven years old, a bit on the spoiled side, and forced to go on vacation with your parents to a boring resort, it's only a matter of time before tempers explode. After one major explosion, Skye Maxwell runs off, gets lost in a wooded area, and is rescued by...well...fairies!
The fairies give her an incredible tour of Fairy Land. Skye befriends the little creatures and they give her a magical stone and a magical new name: Skye Blue.
When she returns to her real life, no one believes that she visited with fairies. Everyone believes she has gone a bit crazy until the fairies make themselves known to her entire family!
Do you believe in fairies? You will after you meet the leprechaun, Quinn McFinn, the pixie, Tiger Bell, and the fairies, Heath the Painter and Anna DewDrop!

 In the second book, Skye Blue & the Dream Catcher Ghost (, Inc., 2009) picks up with Skye at the age of 12, as she begrudgingly (at least initially) starts karate lessons. This book takes us a step further into the world of paranormal, metaphysical and spiritual concepts. Here is the synopsis from the back of the book:

When this book begins, Skye Maxwell is twelve and starting karate lessons. At the school, she meets Rain Antonius, a thirteen-year-old black belt who has psychic abilities and a passion for ghost hunting. 
After receiving a beautiful dream catcher as a gift from her grandmother, Skye begins to have some very weird experiences. The dream catcher suddenly begins to spin, glow in the dark, and talk! Skye freaks out; seriously afraid she's being haunted.
Using ghost-hunting equipment, Rain and his Young American Paranormal Society members find that the ghost of a young Native American girl is attached to the dream catcher.  You won't believe what lengths Rain and Skye must go to rescue this spirit and help her move over to the Other Side.
Hope you enjoy Skye's mystical adventure with things that go BUMP in the night!

I enjoyed both of these books very much. The author draws on her life experiences and reaches out to others who specialize a specific areas to create her characters and story lines.  She does a great job of drawing the reader into the story and keeping them hooked. She leaves you hanging a bit at the end of the second book so I am looking forward to reading the next one--even though they aren't geared toward my age group! I highly recommend them for girls ages 8-14 or so, I think they will find them very enjoyable.

My nieces love to read and I think they will love these books and I bet they would love to find these books under their Christmas tree or in their stocking!

 Thank you to McNaughton for my sample used in this review, opinions are honest review by Michelle.

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