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Fiber Choice Could You Take A 28 Day Challenge?

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Most of us know that having enough fiber in our diet is essential to a healthy body, but how many of us actually get the recommended 25-30 grams of dietary fiber per day? I am guessing not too many of us. I can tell you that through my diet alone--I don't get enough fiber on a daily basis. So I turn to daily fiber supplements and my personal fiber supplement of choice is FiberChoice (a product of GlaxoSmithKline), and it has been for a while now. 
FiberChoice is a chewable fiber supplement, whose main ingredient is a prebiotic called Inulin. Prebiotics are different from the Probiotics that you have been hearing so much about. Prebiotics are plant based fiber that actually feed the Probiotics in the gut, therefore the prebiotic, Inulin, found in FiberChoice, promotes the growth of probiotics in you digestive tract, helping you to achieve a healthy balance and a healthy body! So FiberChoice can be used right along side of foods and supplements that contain probiotics as part of your daily health routine!

FiberChoice contains one daily serving of dietary fiber in just 2 chewable tablet. They promote overall digestive and whole body health--including regularity (the first use that most people think about). Fiber Choice can be taken every day as part of your effort to live a more healthy life. FiberChoice is available in four formulas:
  • FiberChoice Original Formula
  • FiberChoice Weight Management
  • FiberChoice Plus Calcium
  • FiberChoice Plus Antioxidants
The FiberChoice flavor options include orange, pomegranate, assorted berries, strawberry, sugar-free orange medley and sugar-free assorted fruit. So far, I can tell you that the sugar-free versions (my preference for personal reasons) taste very good. the orange medley is my favorite thus far, so I can imagine that the regular versions taste just as good!

I was given a couple of bottles of FiberChoice to check out for this review, and as I stated earlier, I have been taking FiberChoice for awhile now and I have nothing but excellent things to say about it. I have taken many versions of fiber supplements over the years and FiberChoice is my favorite by far. I had not taken the 'plus antioxidants' version prior to this review but I can always used some extra antioxidants in my crazy diet--so I thought this version was excellent as well. I also love that they are easy to find in most of the store that carry supplements around me--so no special orders or special trips!

If you happen to be one of us (like most of us) who could use some more fiber in your diet, consider trying FiberChoice, they are easy and convenient to take! However, if you are unsure if adding fiber to your diet would be right for you and your medical situation, I would recommend talking it over with your personal physician.

The first three people to respond to this question will be sent some Fiber Choice samples:

 Why do want to add Fiber Choice to your diet?
(if you are one of the first three to answer please email me your information)

Thank you to Fiber Choice my samples used in this review and for the first the responders prize.  Opinions are honest.  Thanks Michelle for the review.

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pmj said...

I know that adding more fiber is good for your health, Also I heard that it may help with your weight loss.

pjames330 at aol dot com

kerismommy said...

I would like to add more fiber in my diet to jump start my diet. I have read that there are a lot of benefits to both weightloss and your overall health. Adding fiber is a good place to start in my weight loss and healthy lifestyle.

royalegacy said...
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royalegacy said...
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royalegacy said...

Now, I hope I can get this right this time. I would like to add more fiber to my diet because I am simply not getting enough. I find that the diets products that I am using just are not giving me the right kind of fiber. Whatever they put in there is just not helping me and I am tired of taking Dulcolax

royalegacy at


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